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Braze is a customer engagement platform that powers relevant and memorable experiences between consumers and the companies they use and prefer. Braze aims to take the context data of every interaction, to help banks foster human connection with consumers through interactive conversations across channels that deliver value quickly and continuously. The company was named a Leader in Forrester’s 2020 Mobile Engagement Automation Wave™ report. 

Braze provides digital capabilities to deliver personalized messages at key moments during the customer journey, to drive engagement and increase transactions.

Key Benefits:

  • Understand customer insights to make every message relevant.
  • Build dynamic audiences with real-time data and real-world context that change as your users do.
  • Easily mix and match Canvas components to create simple yet powerful cross-channel journeys. Plus, built-in A/B testing tools make it easy to optimize as you go.
  • Braze has all the tools you need to personalize by channel, send time, copy, and more.

Braze supports in-app and in-browser messaging capabilities, to help banks to capture customer attention with interactive messages delivered right in their apps or on their website.

In-app messaging enables banks to surface news, updates, and other information when consumers are most open to hearing it — while using the bank’s app or visiting their website. Some of the most effective uses of this feature include:

  • Email or phone number capture.
  • Onboarding and education.
  • Deals and promotions.
  • New feature alerts.
  • App review requests.
  • Milestone messaging.
  • Product recommendations.
  • Next best action messaging.

Braze also provides Braze Email, a tool to build effective emails for a mobile-first audience across the customer lifecycle. Through Braze Email banks can:

  • Makes one-to-one and one-to-many personalization effortless, taking advantage of live customer profiles and campaign interaction data, and leveraging intuitive composition tools to enrich messages with first- and third-party data.
  • Test easily a range of options, from subject line to template, send time to target audience. AI tools can select and serve the winning variants for continuous optimization, and instant performance views help banks tailor their email program for success.

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