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The Central Bank of Brazil was founded in Brasilia and has been operating since 1965. The bank is in charge of regulating and auditing the banking sector, as well as controlling monetary policies, financial relations with foreign countries; organizing, regulating, and supervising the National Financial System (SFN), and managing the Brazilian payment service (SPB), among other duties.

Cyberbank meets the requirements to support, obtain, and use regulatory reports from the Central Bank of Brazil in order to manage credit risk analysis and perform other functions. These documents and reports include:

CADOC 3040: This report provides data for individualized credit analysis that considers all the information required to generate a credit based on the customer’s credit history for future approval or rejection.

Document 3050:  The purpose of this document is to specify credit and leasing information on the part of the customer.

Document 5816: This document gathers information about users’ credit and debit cards.

CCS: The National Financial System Customer Registry (CCS) is a system that registers the roster of financial institutions and other entities authorized by the Central Bank which have a relationship with the customer (such as current, savings, and investment accounts).

Support with SISBAJUD/BacenJud: BacenJud is a system that interconnects the Judicial sector to the Central Bank and financial institutions, to speed up the request for information and the delivery of court orders to the National Financial System, via the Internet.  

Notice 2682: The documentation requested with this document allows compliance with the regulations established by the Central Bank of Brazil, whose resolution and purpose are to prevent false and unverifiable information from being entered.

With Cyberbank, your financial institution will comply with the necessary information requirements, in line with the latest regulations in force.

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