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Founded in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1988, Autbank has developed, throughout its history, digital banking solutions that positively impact the financial sector, serving banks, credit unions, micro-credit organizations, investment banks, and other institutions. Autbank is supported by a team of experts in Technology, Financial Market, and Deployment Projects to carry out its activities following the principles of creativity, security, and quality.

Cyberbank integrates Autbank to manage and perform accounting and management activities in the Brazilian payment system (SPB). Here are the most remarkable functionalities of the solution:

CIP Messaging: Autbank is integrated to work together with the Interbank Payments Chamber (CIP), which operates as a clearing house validating user data for security assurance and identity validation.

Contract Management: Autbank allows financial institutions to manage each user’s accounts payable, validating expiration dates, renewals, and readjustments for each contract.

Account Management: Together with Cyberbank, Autbank allows managing essential utilities accounts such as electricity, water, gas, and others, so users can make their payments by concentrating the solution in just one place.

Cash Management: Autbank monitors each Institution flows, displaying the balance at the beginning of the day, cash-ins, cash-outs, and current balance. It then shares the information with the systems and allows understanding the reserve movements.

Treasury: In a decentralized way, Autbank allows requisition of payment requests issuing documents, administrative checks, real-time settlement via Central Bank messaging (STR) or Interbank Payments Chamber (CIP), and payment for compensation and credit in current accounts. It also enables the transfer between accounts, managing inflows and outflows, reconciling undue credits and facilitating their regularization.

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