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Cyberbank Digital by Technisys Draws Interest Among Regional and Super Regional Banks

Technisys’ innovative platform continues to draw demand from banks and FIs looking to grow their digital banking offerings in the cloud.

MIAMI, Sept. 29, 2021: Technisys, the cloud-native, next-gen digital banking platform, continues to attract regional and super regional U.S. banks to its Cyberbank Digital Banking solution that helps banks and lenders differentiate and improve their digital banking value proposition.

Cyberbank directly addresses the rapidly changing consumer demands for faster, convenient, 100% digital banking products, and provides banks and financial institutions with the tools they need to not only meet current demands, but also to create a forward-looking digital banking platform suited for the future of retail banking.

Specifically, Cyberbank Digital is designed to give financial institutions the ability to create tailored financial products and services for their customers, which in turn allows banks to deliver tailored experiences and offer the kinds of innovative products and services consumers are asking for, such as “buy now, pay later,” early wage access, or automated savings round-ups.

“Demand for fully digital banking experiences continues to grow, as does demand for cloud-native, digital and core platforms that help banks better serve their customers,” says Mike Santos, co-founder and CEO of Technisys.

“For more than a decade we have been helping institutions  adapt to the digital future of banking and deliver new and more impactful customer experiences. Our growth clearly reflects our ongoing ability to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.”

Cyberbank from Technisys not only dynamically creates new financial products, but also helps distribute products via multiple interaction points such as your banking portal, online partner portal, or through an app in an e-marketplace, deliver financial products with high accuracy through our hyper targeting engines, and package your products to deliver the best self-service experience possible online.

For more information about Cyberbank, and how it can help banks participate in a thriving digital present and future, a complimentary ebook is available here:

ABOUT Technisys

Technisys is a leading next-gen digital and core banking platform that redefines the customer experience. As a best-in-class technology platform, Technisys uniquely delivers differentiation in two key ways. By empowering financial institutions to dynamically create tailored financial products at the speed of commerce. And, by offering meaningful recommendations to customers at point of need. How are we different? We use data-driven insights and integrate them with our unique technology that enables structural flexibility. A flexibility that allows financial institutions to create and tailor any financial product – in real time – to deliver a seamless digital experience at every customer touchpoint whether online, on the phone, or at a branch. Giving banks and fintechs the agility to tailor offerings that become integral to a customer’s lifestyle in new and profound ways, down to the segment of one.