Technisys hires new head of digital banking ecosystems
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Technisys grows leadership team to support expansion of online Cyberbank Marketplace for fintech solutions

Technisys hires head of banking ecosystems to enable financial institutions to deliver tailored financial products, dynamically, with Cyberbank, the digital banking platform from Technisys

MIAMI, January 6, 2022 Technisys, the leading cloud-native, next-gen digital banking platform, has hired Chris Demas as Head of Banking Ecosystems for North America to lead the effort to drive digital banking innovation to market at speed and at scale. Demas brings 25 years of banking industry experience to the position with deep experience in supporting third party integrations, API enablement and marketplace strategy. 

The Cyberbank Marketplace highlights integrated and certified fintech solutions that enable banks and fintechs to accelerate the adoption of digital innovations, cost-effectively. According to McKinsey & Company insights, a new breed of core banking systems offer very advanced architectures that are pushing the envelope in customer experience, without compromising on the core tenet of faultless transaction processing. As financial institutions increasingly look to modernize core systems and embrace embedded finance capabilities, Demas’s leadership to expand the Cyberbank Marketplace is timely.  

“The Cyberbank Marketplace, led by our new head of banking ecosystems, Chris Demas, offers more ways for banks and fintechs to accelerate the delivery of tailored financial solutions, seamlessly and in real time,” said Mike Santos, CEO and co-founder of Technisys. “Financial firms can more easily create and deliver novel digital offerings  – whether to a customer target segment of one or millions.” 

Supported by the Marketplace, financial institutions across 16 countries and who serve more than 200 million banking customers are driving digital innovations to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world. Technisys also provides deep industry expertise and supports early-stage fintechs and non-financial services brands looking to offer tailored financial products, in real time, to their customer base. 

With Demas at the helm, the Cyberbank Marketplace is expected to grow substantially from 55+ today to hundreds in order to provide an arsenal of digital solutions that are proven, secure, scalable and future-proof. 

ABOUT Technisys

Technisys is a leading next-gen digital and core banking platform that redefines the customer experience. As a best-in-class technology platform, Technisys uniquely delivers differentiation in two key ways. By empowering financial institutions to dynamically create tailored financial products at the speed of commerce. And, by offering meaningful recommendations to customers at point of need. How are we different? We use data-driven insights and integrate them with our unique technology that enables structural flexibility. A flexibility that allows financial institutions to create and tailor any financial product – in real time – to deliver a seamless digital experience at every customer touchpoint whether online, on the phone, or at a branch. Giving banks and fintechs the agility to tailor offerings that become integral to a customer’s lifestyle in new and profound ways, down to the segment of one.