Digital Banking Webinar | Challenger Bank Redefines Payday
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[WEBINAR] Challenger bank redefines payday in digital banking

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What if you could empower America’s working class by enabling them to access and move their money anytime, through fee-friendly products such as a digital account, bill pay, and Pay Any-Day — all without having to wait for payday?

n this webinar, “Challenger Bank Redefines Payday in Digital Banking,” Stewart Stockdale, Co-founder and CEO of challenger bank, Rellevate, and industry expert, Herber de Ruijter, Head of Cyberbank Digital, of Technisys share how to:

  • Redefine banking with differentiating products and services
  • Create a customizable bank that delivers tailored products, dynamically
  • Provide meaningful recommendations down to the segment of one

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