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SoFi Technologies, Inc. Announces Agreement to Acquire Technisys
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Want to keep your customer?

How Customer-Centric Experiences & Next-Gen Digital Banking are Shaping the Future of Financial Services

How customer-centric experiences and next-gen digital banking are shaping the future of financial services.

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The #1 Must-Have in Next-Gen Digital Banking

The #1 Must-Have in Next-Gen Digital Banking

How can FIs delivering differentiation and value to customers, consistently and at scale? Uncover the one critical ingredient that’s foundational to success in this post.

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Conversational AI & Digital Banking

Conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Digital Banking: How is it redefining customer engagement?

Conversational AI has developed an important and distinguished role within modern banking. And it’s delivering high value across the customer journey. Learn how in this post.

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Banking Transformed podcast with Jim Marous

[Podcast] Digital Core Transformation as a Catalyst for Success

Our head of Digital Core, Michael Haney joined Jim Marous as a guest on the Banking Transformed Podcast to discuss the steps needed to modernize current core platforms.

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Technisys at Money 20/20

What we Learned at Money 20/20

Our recap of this years Money 20/20 and the three buzz-worthy topics that stood out for us.

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Michael Haney talks to Fintech Connect about Digital Banking Transformation

Fintech Connect Interview with Michael Haney, Head of Digital Core at Technisys

Learn about the evolution of digital transformation and how banks can keep up with fintech challengers in this blog post that first appeared in Fintech Connect.

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Banking as a Service (BaaS)

Banking as a Service (BaaS) and the Power of Fintechs

What does “banking as a service” really mean? We hear it often and yet it is applied differently in different scenarios. (Spoiler: it is. And that’s exactly why it can get confusing.) 

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empathic banking

Digital Core Banking Platforms that Facilitate Relationship-Based Interactions Can Help Banks Differentiate and Become Integral to Customers’ Lives

To differentiate themselves, banks should look beyond simply digitizing existing business models for operational efficiency. They need to find new sources of revenue and build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers.

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Technisys adds AI to it's digital core banking platform

How Technisys is elevating the digital banking experience with conversational AI

Technisys Chief Product Officer, Ric Zuasti talks about the addition of conversational AI to the Cyberbank digital core banking platform

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Digital Banking trends

Digital Banking Trends and Tips for 2021 and Beyond

In this part 4 our our digital banking trends series, we hear from the CEO & Co-Founder of Fintech Americas on his organizations’ predictions for 2021 and beyond.

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