Management Team

Miguel Santos
Co-Founder & CEO

A renowned business leader in Latin America, Miguel Santos is responsible for Technisys’ strategic direction and business development. Before founding Technisys, Miguel worked for the Financial Division of IBM Argentina, where he first started focusing on the financial market. Miguel got his Master’s Degree in Computing Science from the National University of Buenos Aires, where he also completed his postgraduate courses in Symmetrical Process Systems, distributed Databases and Network Applications.

Adrián Iglesias
Co-Founder & COO

Adrián Iglesias directs the daily responsibilities at the company and leads our development centers and service areas. He has a Master’s Degree from the School of Engineering for Information Analysis at the National University of Buenos Aires with a specialization in Managing Software Development and Software Process Improvement. Before Technisys, Adrián worked for IBM Argentina focusing on financial software for financial institutions. In this company, his clients included American Express and BankBoston.

German Pugliese Bassi
Co-Founder, CMO & Alliances

Widely considered one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Latin America, German Pugliese Bassi has played a significant role as co-founder of Technisys, nowadays with focus in marketing and alliances. German has lectured and participated in conferences at some of the most prestigious universities in the United States, including MIT, Columbia and Wharton. He also has been interviewed by major international media companies, such as CNN, and top business and tech publications, including America Economía and Latin Finance.

Liliana Ferreiro

Liliana Ferreiro has more than 25 years’ experience in institutional investors, pension insurance, capital markets, structured financing and venture capital. For more than 10 years, she has been responsible for AIG’s Pension and Insurance in Argentina and Chile, managing investment portfolios of over $1.3 billion in each country. Liliana has vast experience in finance and capital market with the issuance of Argentine structured debts of more than $340 million.

Horacio Buhanna

Horacio Buhanna directs Technisys’ sales and business development all over Latin America. He has been working at the company since its foundation and has vast knowledge about digital banking platforms. Horacio has extensive experience in the development, definition and study of systems for distributing financial information across multiple technologies. He is a programmer analyst with a degree from the School of Exact and Natural Science at the National University of Buenos Aires.

Ricardo Zuasti
CPO (Chief Product Officer)

Committed to innovation and digital banking projects since 1999, Ricardo Zuasti oversees all research and development of Cyberbank Core and Cyberbank Omnichannel solutions. His vision is improving people’s life through technology. Additionally, Ricardo has been an experienced tech entrepreneur, as the founding partner of omnichannel software company Manentia. Before that, he has also worked in Uruguayan banks, helping them to advance digitally.

Marcelo Del Blanco

Marcelo Del Blanco supports Technisys in the design and implementation of all human capital initiatives and is responsible for attracting and retaining top talents for the company. He manages the nine software labs that Technisys has in the Americas. Marcelo has more than ten years of global experience in human resources in multinational companies. He has held several HR management positions in companies such as Dassault Systems, Carrefour, Sanofi, Colgate and Accenture.

Débora Fortes
Marketing & Communications Manager

Based in São Paulo, Débora Fortes oversees Technisys’ marketing and communications. She has more than 20 years’ experience in the technology industry. Débora’s background includes serving as a communication strategist as well as working as journalist at major media companies in Brazil, with a highlight for her position as editor-in-chief at Grupo INFO. Her awards include the prestigious Citi Journalistic Excellence Award.

Claudia Fernández
Projects' Delivery Manager

With 18 years of experience in digital banking, Claudia Fernández is responsible for deliveries and processes. Before joining the company, she has built a strong reputation in Latin American market as the founding partner and CEO of the omnichannel software company Manentia. Claudia has an active participation in the technology and startup ecosystem, what allows her to contribute to the development of her industry.

Roberto Mac Donald
Post Implementation Services Manager

Roberto Mac Donald is responsible for recurring services at Technisys. He is in charge of productive support services, evolutive maintenance and licence maintenance in the company. He has 40 years of experience in the IT sector mainly focused in financial industry. During most of his professional career, Roberto has worked as IT Manager at Lloyds Bank. Before starting at Technisys, in 2009, Roberto has worked as IT Consultant.

Raúl Sosa
Technology Manager

From Chile, Raúl Sosa leads a team that provides top quality support and technological improvements to continue offering leading global Cloud Services Business operations. Before joining Technisys, Raul Sosa served as a Java architect at Atos, QB9 and NEC. He completed his Informatics and Software Architecture studies at the National Technology University (Argentina).

Mónica Larracoechea
Quality & Process Manager

Mónica Larracoechea is responsible for establishing and maintaining Technisys’ governance and ensuring the quality of products and processes. Mónica earned her Master’s Degree in Computing Science from the University of Buenos Aires, where she also completed her postgraduate studies in Strategic Planning. Previously, Mónica was a consultant on projects for multinational companies that achieved Level III certifications from CMMI and ISO.