About Us

Technisys is the omnichannel digital banking company. Our widely proven and robust technology solutions allow banks to stand out from the crowd through enhanced customer experiences. We lead banks and their customers to a superior digital banking experience. Our culture is rooted in our innovation, our passionate industry-leading talent, and our vision for the future.

We help our customers differentiate themselves from the competition and capitalize on the unprecedented digital growth opportunity that now exists for financial service providers.


To stay ahead in today’s hypercompetitive financial market, banks must anticipate and meet the demand for rapid and customized products and services. Why?

Customers increasingly expect new “consumer experiences.” The explosion of smartphones and tablets, the increasing importance of social media, and a greater access to technology are influencing customer purchasing behavior.

To meet these growing expectations, banks need an efficient operational platform that helps reduce risks and costs. Banks also must update their channel strategies to create new interaction opportunities with their clients – whether that means a small business, a corporation, or an individual.

How We Help Banks Offer the Best Digital Experience

Regardless of their size, location or segment, banks all over the world are facing a call to action. As customers become increasingly digital, behaviors change drastically. Banks have to respond by offering banking anywhere, anytime, using the appropriate device for the best experience. Being digital (and omnichannel) is not a choice anymore – it’s a question of survival. By adopting a digital model, banks can differentiate themselves through experience and can achieve additional competitive advantages.

It is possible to generate new revenue streams and business models, speed up the time to market of new service releases, and gain efficiencies with scalable platforms at lower costs. In other words, digital allows the transition from a model that is bank-centric to one that is user-centric.

We have been helping banks become fully digital by offering their customers the best user experience. Our Cyberbank Omnichannel platform is prepared to completely adapt to any bank’s legacy, integrating all the channels. Our Cyberbank Core also allows creation of new digital banks from scratch, and Cyberbank Cloud is a sophisticated solution that offers digital banking as a service.

This is why we embrace digital banking and financial services that treat the bank as an experience and not as a transaction.